The Society is organising a visit to Salts Mill and East Riddlesden Hall on Wednesday September 7th.

Many of you will be aware of Salts Mill in Shipley near Bradford, set in the village specially designed by the Victorian Benefactor Sir Titus Salt to house his workers. There is an exhibition by David Hockney based on Normandy as well as a variety of retail outlets and eating places. You may not be quite so familiar with East Riddlesden Hall, an interesting property which was rescued from demolition and restored to 17th century glory by the National Trust.

Please fill in the application form below as soon as possible and send it with a cheque for £28.00 to:

Hilary Forrest at: 1, Monaco Drive, Northenden, Manchester, M22 4FG.

We expect to leave the Bowdon Rooms at 9.15am.

Please note that your time at Salts Mill is for you to enjoy as you wish. Lunch is not included in the price so you may wish to find your own.

East Riddlesden is a National Trust property so free to members but non members will need to pay £5 on the day. I will collect that in as we go in and would be grateful if you could pay me in cash so I can pay for you all.

We hope to arrange an afternoon snack, included in the price, before our return home.

Please note that we need your application by August 12th so we can finalise arrangements. The petrol costs are now so high that we need a good number of participants.

Any enquiries should be by phone to Hilary: 0161 902 0269


The Arts Society Bowdon

September 7th Day Visit to Salts Mill and East Riddlesden Hall

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National Trust Member     Yes/No      (please delete as appropriate)


I enclose a cheque for £28 made out to The Arts Society Bowdon






Post to: Hilary Forrest, 1 Monaco Drive, Northenden, Manchester, M22 4FG.

To arrive by August 12th at the latest.