Programme for the 2022 - 2023 Season




Monday, 19th September

Insiders/Outsiders: Refugees from Nazi Germany and their contribution to British Visual Culture

Monica Bohm-Duchen: In spite of the traumatic nature of their dislocation and the obstacles they often encountered on arrival in the UK, those who fled Nazi-dominated Europe made a deep and long-lasting contribution to British culture. In this ew lecture Monica will focus on the visual arts.


Monday, 17th October

The Story of Indian Modern Art

Georgina Bexon: At the birth of India’s Independence in 1947 a group of talented artists set out to create a new art for a new country. This movement known as the Bombay Progressive Artists Group drew on ancient artistic traditions, whilst creating an art very much for and of its time.


Monday, 21st November

Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes

Rosamund Bartlett: This lecture tells the remarkable story of the fabled Ballets Russes company, which was established by Diaghilev in Paris in 1909. It will examine how he brought together artists such as Picasso and Matisse to work with composers such as Stravinsky, Debussy and Ravel and the great choreographers and dancers of the time to create ballets of genius.


Monday, 19th December

Joseph Paxton: How Chatsworth’s Victorian Genius came to put the world under glass

Simon Seligman: This lecture celebrates the achievements of one of the most inventive and influential figures of the 19th century. Gardener, architect and engineer, his most famous masterwork was the Crystal Palace of 1851, but for 30 years he worked at Chatsworth, enhancing the estate with innovative buildings and garden designs.




Monday, 16th January

Raphael: Genius of the Renaissance in Rome

Jo Walton: Raphael died in Rome on Good Friday 1520 aged just 37. This lecture looks at his short but astonishing career as painter, architect, administrator and draughtsman and considers his lasting influence on subsequent artists.


Monday, 20th February

How to look slowly

Jo Rhymer: The world-wide reproduction of paintings by Seurat and Van Gogh has led to a sense of familiarity with the works and potentially a diminished desire to look closely at the real art itself. This lecture aims to rejuvenate our interest by looking slowly with a curious eye to discover how works by both artists were both extraordinary and pioneering.


Monday, 20th March

Sixty Years On: Life in Britain as seen in 1960s Films

Colin Shindler: This fascinating lecture will examine four elements of the cinema of the 1960s - the North, Last Days of Empire, Swinging Britain and the Depiction of Sex.


Monday, 17th April

Behind the Scenes: Curating the Museum

Anna Bianco: How long does it take to put together a major exhibition? Who decides what subjects will be explored and which objects will be included? How do you get an object from the Vatican to the British Museum? This lecture will offer a behind the scenes insight into the putting together of a “blockbuster” exhibition.


Monday, 15th May

West End Winners: The Rise of the British Musical from Noel Coward to Lionel Bart

John Snelson: This lecture which is lavishly illustrated with audio and visual examples will rediscover a distinctive West End story. It’s an aspect of culture unique to Britain.


The Annual General Meeting will be held at 1.30p.m. on Monday 19th June 2023, prior to the lecture at The Bowdon Rooms, The Firs, Bowdon.


Monday, 19th June How Napier became the Art Deco Capital of the World

Martin Lloyd: In 1931 an earthquake destroyed the town of Napier in New Zealand. Within two years it was rebuilt in the architectural style of the day - Art Deco. This lecture will show pre-earthquake Napier, the earthquake and its consequence and finally we will go on a photographic tour of the town to see Art Deco Napier today.