Heritage Trails

The Bowdon Society is aiming to set up a section organising Heritage trails.  To give a taste of the way these may work, the article below, from The Arts Society, gives an insight for Arts Society members into Church Trails and how they can be an important source for children's education and community support.

As you know Church Trails are a fun and worthwhile volunteering activity for members whilst also providing a fantastic way for children to explore churches. As Head of Church Trails I need your help to stimulate interest in members as we need more volunteers involved in this area of work to ensure that more Trails happen. And we also need to ensure that we have enough volunteers to create a throughput for Area Reps and ultimately as next Head of Church Trails. Without more volunteers coming through the creation of Church Trails for children would be under threat.
I have been working with the volunteering staff at NADFAS House to create some resources to help advertise the benefits of being a Church Trail volunteer and starting a group. I would be most grateful if you could show this film and advert at your monthly meetings and also include them in your email newsletter if you have one. It would also be really helpful if you could include the film and advert on your website and talk about Church Trails at your meetings highlighting the benefits of becoming a volunteer as the advert outlines.

Here is the link to the film - it is just 2 and half minutes long so quick to show in a packed meeting -

Here is the advert for starting a Church Trails team to add to presentation slides at your meetings - you just need to cut and paste it into a PowerPoint slide.

Would you like to help children understand churches?


Have you ever wandered around a church or place of worship awed by the artworks, stained glass, artefacts and deep social history?  Then imagine inspiring that same awe in children aged 8-12 years.  NADFAS Church Trails do just that. They are simple, interactive guides that steer youngsters to explore and investigate the stories behind the animals and people represented in the iconography.  It is a joy to see their curiosity come to light.  Would you like to play a part in stimulating that imagination?

Church Trails are produced as part of a very sociable team, each person bringing their own particular skills. We are looking for new Church Trails to be started and for volunteers who would like to lead the creation of a trail, ideally someone who can help and encourage team members during the whole process in a very practical way.

Church Trail makers will:

  • meet lots of new people
  • learn new skills
  • gain more in-depth knowledge about churches and their history
  • and of course be rewarded by the wonderful work of engaging children with their local church!


Full support will be provided all along the way by NADFAS House, your Church Trails Area rep and the Head of Church Trails.  If you feel you would like to know more about getting involved in this very sociable and valuable activity, please email – without obligation - Jo Martin at jmartin@nadfas.org.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.
We would love to hear your thoughts about this campaign to start more Church Trails and do hope you will be able to support it.

Kind regards

June Graveson

Head of Church Trails